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We also deal with interviews under caution that are conducted outside the police.  For example, investigations being conducted by Government Regulated bodies.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with investigations and prosecutions of this type.  Whilst you may not be entitled to free advice and representation for interview, we are able to offer a fixed fee service.

It is important that you exercise your right to representation for interview under caution, whether this is in a police station or alternative investigative venue.  Your choices at this stage will determine how your case progresses and the outcome.  It is imperative to have the right advice and representation.

We have a number of experienced advocates who frequently appear before the Magistrates and Crown Courts.  If you are charged or receive a Postal Requisition to appear before the Magistrates Court we are able to represent you throughout the proceedings.  We can assess you eligibility for Legal Aid (Representation Order) or represent you on a private client basis.  We can offer a fixed fee service for advice and representation before the court if you do not qualify for Legal Aid.  Eligibility for Legal Aid will depend on the nature of the case and is means tested.

More complex and serious cases progress to the Crown Court.  We have a number of litigators and Solicitor Advocates as part of our criminal team who regularly prepare cases and appear before the Crown Court for a wide variety of cases, relatively minor to the most serious cases.  We believe that it is important to work with you to provide as much reassurance as possible.  We will endeavour to provide continuity of service and dedicate the time that is needed to your case.  We work with a number of Specialist Criminal Barristers who we know and have worked with for many years.  Once again this is with the view of providing you with the best service and representation.

Our advice and representation does not terminate in some cases after the conclusion of Magistrates or Crown Court proceedings.  We deal often with Appeal cases before the appellant courts – Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

Non police Prosecutions – We additionally frequently deal with Prosecutions that are brought by other agencies.  We have dealt with countless Prosecutions brought by the Environment Agency, RSPCA, Trading Standards and the Local Council.  These particular cases require sometimes more specialist knowledge than other general crime cases.  The legislation is complex and specific.  Consideration also has to be given to ancillary orders that may follow from proceedings.  These can last long after the conclusion of the proceedings.  It is essential that you have the right advice.

Amongst other areas of Criminal Law we also provide advice and representation for all motoring/Road Traffic Offences.  We can help whether you have received a fixed penalty ticket, are at the police station, Court, received a Postal Requisition or Notice of Intended Prosecution.  We can assist in preparing your defence against a prosecution for a motoring offence or mitigate your case with a view to reduce the sentence and any Court costs you may have to pay.  If your case is one that does not qualify for Legal Aid we will can provide advice and representation on a fixed fee basis – please see our Cost Page (link) for more details.

Our specialist criminal team will be able to guide you through the court process and achieve the best outcome.

(We also offer) – Although the vast majority of our work involves Specialist Criminal Defence work we do prosecute for other agencies, including The Local Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities.